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Our Bespoke Design Process Explained

custom diamond projection screen We meet personally and discuss your design requirements. We bring to you a library of options from around the globe. Part of our process is a 3D scan of the future projection screen's planned location to ensure a perfect fit and finish. We provide as many samples as we currently have in our showcase along with many others that are obtainable if desired. There are no "stock" components to our bespoke screens. All parts, materials and finishes are one of a kind to your creation. No two are alike.

We source all the materials for your bespoke screen.

custom projection screen design After meeting with our designer we begin to procure all the materials you have requested to begin your unique assembly. We travel the globe when necessary to obtain the precise and perfect specimens of material to be used in your one of a kind projection screen. Your visual pleasure is our absolute goal and we will go anywhere to achieve success.

Our artisans begin the creation fo your truly unique request.

workshop After procurement we start the hand assembly process of your screen. We begin to meticulously piece together each part and and associated component. Countless hours goes into every screen we make. Each mm of space is hand inspected and scrutinized to guarantee the delivery of a true masterpiece. Your designer and now project manager will keep you updated with reports, emails, videos and pictures throughout the entire assembly process.

The delivery process of your original masterpiece.

workshop Every bespoke screen we produce is hand delivered with impeccable white glove service. We oversee the installation of your projection screen into its new beloved home. Your project manager will be there every step of the way to personally ensure the safety of your shipment and proper installation including the calibration of your video source.

Bespoke Options

We have a distinct eye for details. Our custom options provide our clients with the finest materials in a decadent array of style and visual appeal.

Design Process

We meet our bespoke clients personally and with a tailored showcase specifically for them.

We work for you.

Our staff incorporates seamlessly with your current design staff and technical integrator. We have the expertise to be an additional asset in all aspects of your projects.

Finest Materials

By now you have come to recognize our passion for quality. We live by the creed of absolute refinement. It shows in the hand selected materials in our bespoke process. .999 pure argentum silver, brilliant 24kt gold, F & IF certified precision cut diamonds; this the language we speak.

The Gilded Age.

Breath taking beauty surrounds all our bespoke screens. Each one is hand made and available with all our diamond infused and inlaid screens. With an incredible eye for perfection and quality we meticulously inspected and monitor the entire artistic implementation. Your desire is our mission and only with a motto that the utmost impeccable result is acceptable can we deliver on that desire.

Each Screen is Custom and as Unique as its Owner.

We create each screen to the request of the to be owner. We construct each one in its own unique method as a complete 1 off creation. There are no cut corners and everything is perfect as to the customers requirements.

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