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Part : Several Security Checks for Authentification

The most important step we take is to establish a security profile for our clients. We have several personal security checks that only the rightful owner can navigate. Depending on which type of Argentum you have will determine the level and number of security measures that we use on your screen and frame. Our algorithmic, multi layered process ensures the correct matchof the screen, frame, precious material composition and current owner.

Part 2: Certificate and Seal of Authenticity

A material composition certificate ensures your investment can appreciate with any financial market change. Every Argentum Screen incorporates the use of precious metals and or stones. We meticulously vet our materials and only except the highest clarity and purity for all our screens and frames.

Part 3: Digital Verification System

Each screen is tagged with a encrypted RFID marker. Only by matching the tag with the clients security profile can a positive ID of the rightful owner and screen material composition authenticity be made.

Part 4: Tamper Evident ID Tags

Each frame is serialized to match with its screen and cross checked by its RFID tag and clients security profile. These tags are tamper evident and do not allow transfer to another screen or product.

Part 5: Client Security Phrase Technology

For our most desired screens and frames we implement an individual Security Profile that is 100% unique to the customer. This along with our other security layers creates a dynamic security package that maintains the value of Argentum Screens, protects the client from theft and makes each one a unique masterpiece.